Saturday, May 31, 2008

Madden Moments: Too Late

The 2007 NFL season left fans with countless memories. Who can forget Brett Farve's Play-Action Bomb which gave the Packers an overtime win in Denver? Or perhaps the tight end post route which led to the Dolpins' lone win of the season.

Now, imagine playing those moments yourself. Not excited yet? But... But you could win a game as the worst team in the league! You could, throw a touchdown pass! What's that? You do that already, multiple times per game? And as a team of your choosing?!

If this doesn't sound like a useless enough feature, the rosters used are the 2008 season. So Farve isn't in his own moment, instead Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback. And the Dolpins have Ronnie Brown, who was out for the season by this point. These cutesy moments are hardly a selling point for Madden. Why not just include video highlights of these moments?

Why do we even call it Madden anymore, he's not even a commentator! The game could just as well be called Collinsworth 09. Since they are the lone NFL licensed game, at least they could call it NFL Football '09: The Officially Licensed [Inaccurate] Roster Update Edition.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where am I Going to Put Another Drum Set?

Last week Game Informer Magazine revealed the first information on Activision's Guitar Hero 4.
Here is the gist of it in one image-

Yes, this fall consumers will be given the chance to play Guitar Hero as a full fledged band game. Of course the question I am asking myself is- if a person wanted to play a full band music-sim game, wouldn't they be doing it already? I mean the game already exists in every way shape and form in EA's Rock Band. When the game released back in November with a hefty $169.99 price tag there were those who were willing to pay the price and those who were not. Those people felt content sitting back with Guitar Hero 3 trying to mash through the sloppy note charts, forced battle mode, and wide-open timing window.

It seems to me that Activision is playing to an audience that in some ways no longer exists. Anyone who wanted this game has it already and those who don't have it didn't want it to begin with. Furthermore, it is going to be something tantamount to pulling the teeth of those who already have a Rock Band drum set to add a Guitar Hero drum set to the cluttered entertainment room. We know that gamers aren't going to be given a choice because Activison has already shown their stance on cross compatibility.

For Neversoft's sophomore effort to be successful they need to set the Guitar Hero brand apart from Rock Band enough that it can draw those unwilling who were unwilling to put down the money for a full featured band game last year. I don't see it happening.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GTA IV, MGS IV, and Halo 3?

I finally found a way to appreciate Halo 3...

Check it out on Profundo Verde.

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